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If you’re here, it’s likely you’re at a turning point in your career and looking for something different.

You probably aren’t sure of what that is yet, but you may have an inkling. Equally, you may know exactly what you want next but aren’t sure how to get there.

You might be questioning whether what you REALLY want is something you can achieve. 

I can assure you that you can. But you need to have skin in the game. By this, I mean you need to find clarity, decide, commit, invest time and energy, and get support. And then you need to take massive, consistent action.

Your career, the work you do in the world, underpins everything – from your financial security, to your feelings of purpose and sense of giving back to the world, to the freedom you have to spend on your family, friends and leisure time. 

I believe that everyone deserves to do deeply fulfilling, purpose-driven work that they enjoy.

When your career is out of alignment, everything can suffer – your finances, health, and relationships. 

Pivot your career into a purpose-driven pursuit by:

  • Moving vertically (finding a new role within your industry)

  • Changing careers entirely (you can leverage your existing skills in any career)

  • Starting a business, or becoming a freelancer or a consultant

Don’t quit – pivot.

I believe that having a successful career can positively transform your life, the world and your community.  And by success, I don’t mean making more money or any ‘traditional’ definition of having a linear career. 

A successful career means:

  • Enjoying the work that you, and looking forward to your weeks

  • Doing work that plays to your strengths and skills, and puts you in a state of ‘flow’

  • Earning an abundant income that sets you on a path to financial freedom (this will mean different figures for different people!)

  • Doing work that creates a sense of purpose and service to the world

  • Contributing in a positive way to your community

  • Doing work that enables freedom and flexibility to dedicate to other areas of your life, including personal interests, family, friends and wellbeing

This doesn’t necessarily mean having a job in the traditional sense of the word, but it DOES mean being paid for your products or services. 

The rapid pace of change in society and the workforce may seem scary, but in actual fact it is opening up so many opportunities for our careers and one could argue that despite the trauma going on in the world, that there’s never been a better time to be alive

Those that dare to start their own businesses now have global opportunities via technology, while the people that continue in the workforce are being valued increasingly for emotional intelligence and the advisory that they can provide. 

Whichever path you choose, make sure that it feels aligned to your strengths and values. And if it doesn’t – you can always pivot. Again, and again. 

Remember – you never lose the skills you build. Think of it as skill stacking. Keep on learning, growing, and stacking your skills because when it comes to your career, there’s never going to be a final destination to reach. As long as we’re learning, we’re growing. 

Life is way too short to stay stuck in a job or business that makes you dread Mondays.

I work with clients who are ready to take action to find clarity on what they want to do in their careers and bring this into reality.

My packages are results-oriented and I will walk you through each step so that you know exactly what you need to do next to achieve your goals. Throughout the coaching series, I will provide you with session summaries and actions in a shared document. I will then present you with a summary report at the end detailing what you’ve achieved and your agreed next steps to continue with the momentum.