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Design the right business and lifestyle for you.

Build and grow a business that provides you with wealth, freedom, and joy.

Live a life that lights you up inside and enables you to know that you are living your purpose and fulfilling your potential.

Decide where you want to go and move past the fear, procrastination and resistance that’s keep you playing small and staying stuck.

Side-hustle Concept to Launch Coaching Packages

My Side-Hustle Concept to Launch coaching packages are designed to help you to identify and refine your ideas, test these ideas in the market to see if they will work, create the mindset required to start a business, and LAUNCH.

We will work together on building the two key mindset tools that you need to launch a profitable side hustle. These are:

  1. Building your self-confidence and self-worth so that you can step into the success you deserve

  2. Overcoming resistance and procrastination so that you can take consistent, inspired action

Here’s what each of my packages include:

Bec Sands Coaching package map.jpg

Note that these packages may be tax-deductible for business purposes (please check with your accountant).

Who these packages ARE NOT for

These packages are not for everyone! They aren’t for you if you are:

  • Not looking to launch a side-hustle or business

  • Unable to commit at least five hours per week to move your side hustle forward

  • Are unwilling to invest in yourself and your goals of creating a purposeful, freedom-based business and lifestyle

  • Are happy and satisfied with where you are right now and don’t want anything to change or move forward.

Who these packages ARE for

These packages ARE for you if you:

  • Are ready to identify and launch a successful side hustle, increase your income, live your purpose and be of bigger service to the world

  • Want to fulfil your potential

  • Are willing to take action and move forward

  • Are open to the possibility of living your most amazing life, and are willing to learn the new thoughts, habits and develop the skills required to take you there.