Bec Sands

What my clients say...


Bec supported me in seeing the bigger picture for my business and the next steps for me…

… including packaging my offers for new clients. She has a great energy which brought clarity and positivity to my ideas. It was also great to get feedback on my ideas from someone who has such a great grounding in marketing and PR.

Following our series together, I have clarity on the next steps for my business, ensuring that it centres on my skills and using my existing network to find new clients – as well as balancing my business with family life.

I’m about to launch a new website and I have specific targets around networking and connections for my business. I have greater confidence and positivity around what I offer – Bec did a great job of increasing my feelings around the value of my services.

I would definitely recommend Bec for anyone considering working with her. What she offers is so multi-dimensional – it covers more than just simple career advice. Bec knows how to motivate and match your strengths with your business.

- Laura Preston, freelance marketing consultant

Coaching with Bec has been really useful in driving me forward to explore my career choices.

Without it, I felt that I could have drifted on for a few more months and then suddenly have had to make some big decisions about my next carer choice. The coaching series helped me focus and identify the areas of work that I would be interested and motivated to pursue in the next stage of my career. Having a fortnightly catch up kept me on track and forced me to put my own ‘to-do list’ first, rather than shove it to the back of the queue!

I would recommend coaching with Bec to friends or colleagues that have a definite problem to solve – to help them get focused and be guided through the process. I think it’s hard to do on your own, without being held accountable. Thank you Bec for taking me on and giving me the opportunity to work with you!

- Alex Mead, senior brand manager

From my first session with Bec, it was apparent she truly cared about me.

She took time to understand my needs and what I wanted to achieve even though I was still unclear. That’s what Bec does; she gathers all the information, works with you closely and listens intently. In just a few short sessions I had outlined a five-year plan. I have clarity and peace of mind, knowing that I’m on track.

Bec has been such a great support and I’m so excited about my future. I highly recommend Bec as a coach.

- Ella Kwame, HR and talent acquisition specialist

Bec is an incredibly inspiring coach.

During our series together, she helped me identify and achieve my goals using strategies that simplified even the most daunting tasks. Bec’s influence helped to guide and support me to realise my goals.

She was positive, personable and easy to talk to. I can’t wait to work with her again, and would recommend a coaching series with Bec in a heartbeat to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

- Jasmine Lewis, artist and teacher

I had an idea for a new business which had been sitting in the back of my mind for years.

But life, kids, and my current business got in the way. I could never find the time to sit down and prioritise my idea to bring it to life.

Working with Bec helped me to do just that. The changes have been immediate and it’s really helped kick my new business into gear. I was struggling with self-doubt and wondering about my ability to create something new that I’d never done before, which stopped me from moving forward.

The biggest shift from working with Bec was that I went from being unsure to feeling so excited that I could physically feel the fire in my belly, I wanted it so much. Having someone on my side to talk through any concerns and identify which are valid business issues that need to be addressed and which are unhelpful thoughts stemming from fear – it made all the difference.

After doing nothing for the past two years towards my business except purchasing a domain and coming up with a brand name, within the first three weeks of coaching with Bec I’d had a logo designed; secured three brands to sell; and had put in my first order.

If you’re hesitating in considering working with a coach, just do it! Don’t overthink it. Just take the plunge – it will honestly change your life.

- Susin Thoroughgood, freelance PR consultant and Founder, Pretty Without Pink

Before I started coaching with Bec, I was unhappy in my career…

… I was stressed and approaching burn out. I felt like I was in the wrong career and wanted to pursue something that I was passionate about; I just didn’t know what I wanted to do or where to even start.

My coaching series with Bec encouraged me to focus on myself and discover what was important to me. We set clear goals and actions each week and as I achieved those actions, I started feeling inspired by what I could do and achieve in my life.

I would definitely recommend Bec to anyone I know; she is fabulous and I can’t thank her enough for being my mentor and coach and encouraging me to take positive action to achieve my goals.

If you’re confused, stuck, unsure and experiencing negative feelings about your career, Bec can help you change your life for the better.

- Cherie Crook, health and wellness coach

I had never worked with a coach before, but I was stuck in a rut that was causing me a lot of heartache.

I had an idea about some of the goals I wanted to achieve but didn’t know how to execute them. I was feeling frustrated with my work life and wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do. I was also struggling with balance and trying to find fun and peace in my life.

Bec helped me to find clarity, to realise what my career passion and purpose is – and that my purpose in life really matters! She helped me identify what I really want to do next in terms of my career, set realistic goals, and achieve them. I am now working towards my bigger goal of creating my own business – while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking care of myself.

- Liz Church, customer service professional

My coaching journey with Bec was amazing from start to finish.

I was completely blown away by her skills in uncovering and asking the right questions to help me determine my core goals, which made my journey so empowering and enabled me to achieve career and life goals that I could only imagine previously. With her support throughout our coaching series, Bec helped me to uncover what exactly it was that I wanted from my career and other key areas of my life, and then to define very clear and achievable action steps to help me get there.

Bec’s commitment to my personal success was amplified by her passion for coaching. She is a clear communicator, professional and extremely personable. Her enthusiasm and support along the way, as well as her openness and trustworthiness, made Bec such a pleasure to work with and helped to accelerate my journey. Having her as a mentor and coach has helped me weave my way with simplicity through quite a complicated journey. I will definitely work with Bec again on future goals.

- Hayley Johnston, co-founder, Sococo superfood skincare

I had reached a crossroad in my career. I was struggling to find the motivation to take the next step…

…as I was unsure of which direction to pursue. Defining achievable goals was made so much easier with insightful advice and supportive guidance throughout my sessions with Bec. These sessions were essential to take the time to clear my mind, plan and prepare myself to take the next leap in my career.

Bec’s infectious, positive energy ensured the journey wasn’t daunting; rather, it was exciting as small goals were achieved between sessions. I now have in place an action plan to stay on track and have learned skills to adapt to both my career and personal life whenever my environment changes. I thoroughly recommend the professional, yet personal, service Bec Sands delivers.

- Michelle Proctor, research director

Through our coaching series together, Bec helped me to secure a fantastic role at a leading firm…

… one that offers me great career-growth opportunities and challenges me. Bec also helped me to re-focus, change my mindset and pull through a rather difficult time in my working life. Finally, she introduced me to resources that helped to set the wheels in motion for other personal goals.

A coaching series with Bec will help take your confused mess of thoughts and indirection, translate them and sort them into bite-sized, achievable goals.

- Stephanie Gregory, marketing manager