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Bec Sands

Welcome! I’m Bec Sands; a certified coach, writer and speaker who works with big-hearted people to identify and bring to life purposeful and profitable businesses they are passionate about. I help my clients to successfully overcome resistance and launch their businesses on the side; to refine, test and validate their ideas; and start earning an income before taking the leap into their side-hustle part or full-time. I also work with my clients to overcome the blocks that are holding them back from fulfilling their potential, and to increase confidence in all areas of their life.

My background is in the corporate world of Marketing, PR & Communications, having worked for over a decade in leadership roles for a number of multiple blue-chip, global brands both in-house and agency side – including winning the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s Golden Target Award for In-House Corporate Communications Team of the Year 2018. These skills have been easily transferable to my coaching business, helping me to communicate and connect powerfully with my clients as well as helping them to refine and consolidate their ideas, bring them to life, and market them to their target audiences.

My journey…

Over the past seven years, I’ve also been on my own entrepreneurial, side-hustle journey. This started as a lifestyle blog that I launched back in 2012 called Daily Inspiration Board, which saw me working with an incredible community and partnering with many like-minded lifestyle people and brands, as well as writing contributor articles to inspiring publications like Women’s Agenda.

I became a Certified Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy in 2015, launching initially as a Career Transformation Coach for Corporate Women. I worked with many women to build their corporate careers, climb the corporate ladder, find and land their dream role, develop confidence and increase their income. In 2019, I re-launched myself as a Side Hustle Coach in alignment with my passion for working with creative, passionate people who want to create lives of freedom, purpose and fulfilment.

During this journey, I’ve inched forward slowly on purpose. Firstly, I wanted to make sure that it was what I truly wanted to do and to refine the niche of clients that I love to serve and I wanted to feel 100% confident that I could help my clients with clear results.

Secondly, I wanted to test my idea and to make sure that what I was doing was financially viable. If you aren’t making money, then what you have is an expensive hobby rather than a business and you’ll struggle to make the impact that you want in the world. Earning money helps you to create more positive change in the world and to help more people!

I love working with my clients to create a life of freedom and abundance for themselves and their families, to make the most of their strengths and talents and fulfil their potential, to find purpose and meaning through the work that they do, and ultimately help to change the world for the better through positive, heart-centred businesses.

Whether you are a creative keen to make an income from your art of choice; someone who is passionate about turning a hobby into an income, you want to be of service to others through a consulting or other service-based business; or you want to launch a product into the world, I will help you to refine and test the validity of your idea, organise yourself so that you have the space, time and energy required to bring your project to life, and move through the unavoidable blocks and resistance that come up along the way.

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