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Bec Sands

You can create anything you want.

Now is the time to start.

Welcome! I’m Bec Sands. I work with clients to identify and bring to life purposeful and profitable businesses that they are passionate about - on the side first.


Work with me

I help my clients to successfully overcome resistance and launch their businesses on the side; to refine, test and validate their ideas; and start earning an income before taking the leap into their side-hustle part or full-time.

I will help you to bring your side hustle idea to life so that you can fulfil your potential, love what you do and be of service to the world, and lead a healthy, wealthy, freedom-based lifestyle that you love.

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Find out what my clients say about working with me.

“Bec supported me in seeing the bigger picture for my business and the next steps for me, including packaging my offers for new clients. She has a great energy which brought clarity and positivity to my ideas. Following our series together, I have clarity on the next steps for my business, ensuring that it centres on my skills and using my existing network to find new clients – as well as balancing my business with family life.

I would definitely recommend Bec for anyone considering working with her. Bec knows how to motivate and match your strengths with your business.”