Vertical Career Pivot

This is a four-month coaching package to help you pivot vertically - into a new space - within your existing field. 

This could mean changing organisations or moving into a new niche – for example, from field to shopfront or agency to in-house. Examples of this could include moving from a legal firm to become a corporate lawyer, or from agency PR to in-house PR, or from marketing to communications, or from a small practice to a large practice, or from the consumer sector to the B2B sector.

You will finish the coaching series feeling confident, purpose-filled and in action towards landing your dream role (or undertaking any additional certifications or training required), if not actually having secured it.

What you’ll receive:

  • 1 x 90-minute Skype session to define where you’re at and set the goals for where you’d like to go

  • 7 x fortnightly 60-minute Skype sessions to pivot into your new vertical career

  • Fortnightly actions in a shared document

  • 2 x hours of revisions and feedback on your CV/cover letter

  • Interview training to present your most confident self forward

  • Development of your ‘elevator pitch’ so that you can concisely communicate your experience and what you have to offer

  • Money mindset support so that you can ask for what you’re worth

  • Your unique Vertical Career Pivot report at the end of the coaching series

Your investment is AUD$770 per month including GST

In this package

Choose your vertical career

Refine and narrow down the many options that are available when considering a vertical career pivot. Choose your ideal organisations or employers and the types of roles that you are looking for, and create an order of priority.

Define your non-negotiables

If you don’t have clarity on what you’re looking for, it’s going to be hard to find it! In this step, we’ll narrow down your non-negotiables: the things you won’t tolerate and the things you absolutely must have; and we’ll also create a nice-to-have list: the things that you’d prefer to have or not have in your new role, but they’re not going to be deal-breakers.

Your non-negotiables can include the types of management you will work for, culture, team, commute time, salary, flexibility, size of the business, the types of products or services they sell, your responsibilities and role, and so on.

At this stage we’ll look at your money mindset and whether your salary is commensurate with your experience – as well as discuss how to present your experience in a way that will help you to negotiate a higher salary.

Present yourself in the best possible light

This includes developing a well-written, professional CV that highlights your strengths and will get you noticed; learning to develop highly targeted, bespoke cover letters that will land you the role; honing your interview techniques; the steps you can take to prepare and reduce nerves; and presenting yourself professionally at the standards required for the role.

Reach out to your network and connections

Talk to people in the field you want to go in. Learn how to approach high-profile people on LinkedIn (even if you haven’t met them yet) in the organisations that you are looking to work for to seek support in securing your next role. Most people love to help if you know how to approach this correctly, without wasting their time.

Develop your ‘elevator pitch’- a summary about yourself – which you can use as a concise, confident overview of your career and strengths to date, and where you’re looking to go next. 

Apply and interview

This is the final step – you’re ready to land your ideal role! You’ve identified what you truly want out of a role, warmed your connections and created new leads, you’ve got an elevator pitch, built your presentation skills and interview techniques, you have a standout CV, and you’re actively applying for roles.

Although there are never any guarantees, I’ve worked with clients to land many vertical careers in their dream organisations, in flexible roles, at a much higher salary, that cater to their non-negotiables. Sometimes it takes longer, depending on the time of year, availability of roles, location, how specific your non-negotiables are, the level you’re applying for, and so on. There are many variables but ultimately, if you take these actions and with guidance you will have the best possible chance to secure your dream role (even if you weren’t even sure what that was before we started working together!). 

If you’re ready to take action and make a vertical career move, I have a short application process that determines whether we are ideal to work together.