Business Launch

This is a four-month coaching package with fortnightly coaching sessions to help you bring your business to life. I work primarily with clients who don’t require funding; they are starting independent businesses that require minimum upfront investment, like service-based businesses (coaching, designing, marketing) or product-based businesses such as a clothing label.

The Business Launch package helps you to launch a side-hustle that you can test and refine to reduce risk, and step into your business full time. 

Your business could be anything from turning your existing skills and experience into a freelance career; to starting something entirely new to you. For example, perhaps you work in corporate but have a passion for interior design and want to start a business in this space.

You will finish the series feeling inspired with the confidence of knowing you have a solid business plan and foundation, and that you’re launching the right business for you. By the end of the coaching series, you will either have launched your business and be taking the steps to secure your first paying clients, or you will be undertaking any additional training or certifications required to get started and will feel 100% purposeful and on track.

What you’ll receive:

  • 1 x 90-minute Skype session to define where you’re at and set goals for the coaching series

  • 7 x fortnightly 60-minute Skype sessions to progress and launch your business

  • 2 x hours of revisions and feedback on your website, sales and marketing content

  • Fortnightly actions in a shared document

  • Your unique Business Launch Report at the end of the coaching series with a plan and timeline for your specific next steps.

Your investment is AUD$770 per month including GST

In this package

Create a business plan and timeline

Because you’re starting out small, this doesn’t need to be extensive but it will provide you with a plan and outline for where you’re going – including your initial financial targets and how you plan to reach them. As you progress this document will evolve; I will share my template with you and we will work together to refine your specific business plan and timings.

Define (and refine your offering)

Create your packages and/or hone your product. This step includes competitor research and looking at where the gaps are in your market; developing an outline of what you’ll be selling; creating a client definition for the ideal person buying your product or service; and speaking with people in your target market to determine what their key problems are in relation to your product or service and how you can solve it for them.  

Develop your brand and website content

Decide on your brand name; identify the best website platform; draft your copy including your sales page; find and brief the right suppliers for your brand and budget for elements such as a logo and professional imagery.

Create a marketing, social media and PR plan

Identify the best email platform for you so that you can build your list of engaged followers who will buy from you. Find other software you’ll require to sell and market your products, such as a scheduling system for service-based businesses or sales platform for product-based businesses.

Then, create a plan for ongoing marketing, social media and PR. This includes collaborations and potential affiliate partners that fit well with your brand; joint events; a schedule for your social media content and outline of the type of content you’ll be creating; securing PR such as media coverage or guest spots on podcasts and/or blogs.


Usually when you’re starting out small, it’s actually a good thing NOT to have a large audience or a wide-reaching launch plan. This is because you’ll generally be still refining your offer and gaining confidence and tweaking what you’re doing. 

We’ll work together to develop the right launch strategy for you – and to LAUNCH.