What would you do if you had time back?

What would you do if you had time back?

Time is one of the most precious commodies we have in life.

You can keep making more money but no matter what you do, you can never, ever get back your time or choose to create more of it. We all have the same 24 hours in each day.

What’s more, our society teaches us that we should be constantly busy with task after task in order to feel successful and I definitely got sucked into this myth for a lot of years.

Being driven and ambitious and keen to make the most of my time on the planet, I’ve always had multiple things on the go - multiple part-time jobs at school and at university, long hours in my career and I worked on my business on the side for seven years (that’s seven years of studying, weekends and evening work after work, hosting events on the weekends, writing my weekly blog and newsletters sometimes at midnight interstate when I was travelling for work…)

There are definitely times when all of this is necessary in order to move the needle forward, create a better life and move forward with our goals.

In fact, this level of commitment gave me an awesome work ethic and means that I am self-disciplined and dedicated enough to over-deliver for my clients, grow my business and work with ease from home.

Now, I am in the curious situation of actually having some of my time back.

This has been by design - I wanted to work from home doing a combination of my corporate PR consulting and career pivot coaching.

The first few months have been incredibly busy getting myself set up with my two businesses.

And now, I have some momentum and have spare time on my hands to move forward with projects that I’d only ever dreamed of having the time and energy to start. It’s a weird feeling, not being busy ALL the time. Do you ever feel like that?

So, my question to you, is: if you actually had some of your time back, what would you do with it?

Perhaps you’d spend more time with your family.

Learn a new skill.

Write a book.

Take dance classes.


Read more.

Start a business.

In today’s rapidly evolving workforce, some of the best talent are leaving full-time roles to start their own businesses - whether as freelance consultants in their own niche or starting from scratch entirely. Or a combination, like I did (multiple income sources can be a a very good thing - particularly if you’re just starting out!).

Some of the benefits of having your own business include:

  • You can work the hours you choose. I am most productive in the mornings, so I love to start working early and finish early when I can. When you’re working for yourself, it’s all about maximising your most productive hours so that you make the absolute most of every minute you’re at the desk. As opposed to having a full-time role which is based on set hours - you have to be there regardless of how productive you are. (This is a general rule meant for the masses, although some companies are evolving).

  • Once you’re set up and have some momentum, depending on the type of business you have, you can create more white space for yourself time-wise to do things you’d only ever dreamed of while working full time.

  • You can generate more income depending on your work ethic and commitment (unlike in many full-time roles where income is capped).

  • Having your own business is one of the BEST forms of self-development you can do because you will come face-to-face with all of your limiting beliefs - helping you to overcome them and create new levels of courage and growth in your life.

  • You’re the boss :)

BUT it’s not for everyone. Some of the drawbacks are:

  • Isolation is a real thing - you need to be proactive about managing that, particularly if you’re working from home alone. Starting a business and doing something different can also be an isolating experience and you’ll need to surround yourself with like-minded people who are doing similar things. Some people may criticise what you’re doing because it can shine a light on their unmet goals and abandoned dreams.

  • You don’t earn a consistent income until you find a way to generate it.

  • You must learn to be proactive and courageous, and disciplined with your time. No one is telling you what to do! (This can be both a benefit and a drawback).

  • There’s no rule book - which is different to the way most of us have been taught at school, uni and in our careers. Chuck out the rule book and create your own. This is challenging for most of us - at first.

  • You’re the boss… Which means you’re responsible for everything!

Like I said - having a business is not for everyone, but if you’re driven and willing to learn along the way, it can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for your career.

If you’re curious and have any questions about becoming a freelancer or starting your own business, feel free to email me!


I help you pivot to a successful career that transforms your life, your community and the world, either in a job you love or a business you own.


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