Five ways to know if you're fulfilling your purpose

Five ways to know if you're fulfilling your purpose

Your purpose is simply the way you use your unique strengths and talents to serve others in the world. This could be through your art or craft, knowledge sharing, taking care of your family... The list is endless and individual to you.

Here's five ways to know that you're fulfilling your purpose (and trust me - life is SO much better when you feel that you are!).

1. Life feels in flow

Of course there’s ups and downs, but generally life feels like it’s in flow - not like it's working against you, or you're pushing uphill ALL the time.

One of the ways that I create more flow in my life is by literally flowing in my yoga and meditation practice. I love yin and vinyasa yoga and I aim to meditate at least once per day for 10 minutes. It’s not easy to make space for these practices (although it is SIMPLE) but I prioritise it - even if it’s 15 minutes of yoga in my living room - because I know and experience the benefits. And when I don’t carve out time for these practices, I know that my life doesn’t flow as smoothly and I overthink things more.

When I find flow through these practices, I find that it spills into other areas of my life and the places where my life doesn’t feel in flow start to disappear. Situations and circumstances crop up that literally remove the areas that are not flowing from my life. This change doesn’t always feel comfortable, but it’s always for the best.

2. You do work every day where you are using your talents and strengths

When you are flexing your strengths in the work that you do, it feels EASY. Often we feel like we shouldn’t get paid for this type of work because of the fact that it feels almost TOO easy. According to a common dialogue in our society, we need to work hard to be successful - blood, sweat and tears, right?! We feel like if we aren’t burnt out then we don’t deserve any level of success. This is one block that comes up for me often, but is absolutely incorrect. In fact, the more we take care of our wellbeing the more productive and successful we can become.

It’s the activities that come most easily to you that will ultimately bring you the most purpose. If you can find a way to intersect the tasks that play to your strengths with something that you can get paid to do, you will feel more purposeful in your day-to-day life.

3. You are excited to start your week

When you feel like you are living your purpose outside of your own needs and are serving others, you will start to feel excited to start the week and will look forward to the possibility of all you can achieve.

When you feel like you are undervalued, unappreciated, not being of enough service to others and not working to your strengths - this is when you start to dread Mondays. And it’s up to YOU whether you remain like this. The choice is entirely yours. Once you own this and start to take responsibility for your life, this is when the magic happens and you can create change on a massive scale.

4. You want to take care of yourself

When you feel that you are fulfilling your purpose, you will start to WANT to take care of yourself and you won't feel the need to numb out all the time with Netflix, food, alcohol etc.

Your wellbeing will improve from the inside out simply because you will start to FEEL better on a day-to-day basis. All of the green smoothies, yoga and meditation in the world won’t help if you’re unhappy and dreading your days.

5. You feel like you have a unique place in the world and are appreciated by those around you

When you feel that you are fulfilling your purpose, you will feel connected to the world but also like you have a unique place in it through the service that you are providing.

Because you are serving a purpose higher than your own needs, you will feel appreciated by others around you which boosts your sense of worthiness and self esteem.


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