How to make the impossible, possible

How to make the impossible, possible

Have you ever told yourself something was impossible to achieve, but then you looked around and someone else was doing the exact thing that you’d thought wasn’t possible?

Yeah, me too.

What we learn growing up - at school, uni, and often in our careers, too - that we should tow the line; work harder and longer to reap the results; no pain, no gain; tick the boxes of career, education, family etc and we’ll be happy and fulfilled…

This is the stuff of cultural myths. Happiness, fulfilment, wealth, and general ‘success’ - however you perceive it - is not guaranteed by following a ‘safe’ path. Working harder and longer leads to burn out - what I believe in is working smarter. Sure, there’s times when you need to work incredibly hard, stay up late and lose a bit of self-care and balance. But doing this over a long period of time can actually have a negative impact on how much you achieve because stress lowers productivity.


It’s a simple equation but one that our society doesn’t seem to get. (And it’s a lesson that I learned the hard way myself, through burning out over a number of years).

So many of us stay stuck in fear- based loops because we’re in our comfort zones, or because someone has told us that we can’t do something.

Last week I was chatting with a find of mine who is also in business, and we were discussing how many people tried to talk us out of it. (Saying things like there’s too much competition / expressing doubt about finding clients / just that it would be too hard).

This type of thinking is so prevalent but it’s completely mythical. There are enough clients for everyone. Competition is healthy. Use your own uniqueness and you will stand out. Keep taking action and you will see results. Sure, not everyone succeeds in business (or anything else, for that matter). What people often don’t realise is that failure is a part of success. If you fail enough times, pivot, and keep going, eventually you will find a path to ‘success’ (whatever that may look like to you!).

We’re all hammered with so much negativity on a daily basis, whether that’s through news and media, or the words of well-meaning friends, family and colleagues that discourage us from pursuing what we really want to do, or the worst: our own resistance. The voice inside our heads that constantly doubts and questions what we are doing, and can hold us back. That’s ENOUGH negativity for anyone.

So, how do we make the impossible, possible? Here’s some actionable steps that you can take today.

STEP 1: Believe that anything is possible.

First, you need to BELIEVE it. If you’re in doubt, seek out some examples of those who have already taken the path that you want to walk. Understand that everyone is the same - we’re all human and flawed. No one is more special than anyone else. Successful people are usually just persistent. And resilient. They stay the path, find the teachers, learn the lessons and find a way to gain access to the resources they need to get it done.

STEP 2: Keep it light.

Often, there’s a sense of heaviness around big goals or the creation of anything. It can feel super hard, and resistance can try to stop us moving forward through techniques like procrastination and excuses (cleaning the sock drawer rather than writing the sales page, anyone?). However, if we can treat it like a game and have a sense of lightness around our goals it can make things a lot easier. Treat problems like a riddle to be solved rather than insurmountable objects.

STEP 3: Ask this question.

How can I make this happen?

Instead of telling yourself that it’s not possible, ask instead how can I make this happen? Your mind will start to look at ways around any issues or setbacks, and will instead focus on finding a way when there was none.

STEP 4: Find your ‘why’

I struggled with this one for a long time. I guess I just didn’t really know ‘why’. Why couldn’t I be happy and satisfied with the ‘status quo’? Why did I want to start a business at all? Why did I want to do anything difficult?

It’s taken me years to really refine this and figure it all out. The fact is that the harder something is, and the more risk involved, the bigger the payoff and reward (side note: go to step 5 if you don’t want anything to have to take years! Working with someone who has walked the path before you will fast-track this process because, although you’ll also learn unique lessons from your own journey, you’ll bypass the lessons that could take you years to learn on your own).

ACTION: Write down all of the reasons why you want to pursue your goals. Then refine it into a short 2-3 sentence statement. For example, my why is:

To be of the highest service to the world, be my best self, and fulfil my purpose passionately. To create wealth and abundance in all areas of my life. To have the freedom to choose where I spend my time, and who I spend it with.

Each word means something to me and supports me in staying anchored to why I’m doing all of this in the first place. (Which helps me to get out of procrastination and into action every day!).

STEP 5: Find support, and take ACTION.

To make the impossible, possible: find support. Learn from people that have walked the path before you. Find inspiration from others. Read, learn, and invest in your own growth. Find a business partner, coach, mentor, or an accountability buddy that you can partner up with to help each other stay in inspired action.

But most importantly, take ACTION because it is only through this that you will achieve your wildest ambitions and find a way to make what you thought was impossible, possible. And we all need you to create your magic!

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