Why now is the time to start your side-hustle

Why now is the time to start your side-hustle

Have you been thinking about starting a business on the side? Something that will bring you more meaning and extra income, and will possibly turn into a full-time business down the track?

If so, you’ve probably had this project in mind for months – if not years.

It’s likely that it’s been on your agenda to do ‘some day’ when you’re not so busy / stressed / tired… Or when you’ve lost the weight, had the kids, bought the house, when the kids have grown up…

And so on, and so forth.

The fact is, this mythical time in the future only TRULY comes into reality and off the wish list when one of three things happens:

  1. You have a major life change or disruption, and realise life is WAY too short not to follow your dreams

  2. Something happens with your full-time role – ie. You are made reduntant or the company is restructured, or you don’t get the promotion, or you go on maternity leave and don’t want to come back, and you’re pushed toward your passion pursuit

  3. You make the decision to get into it TODAY without knowing exactly where it will lead you – but that you won’t accept anything less than giving it a go. You prioritise it because it’s important to you, even though you don’t know what the end result will be.

The fact is, if you’re weighing up the risks, know that it’s way more risky NOT to start.

Let me repeat that. It’s way more risky not to start.

This is because:

If you stay where you are and you don’t feel like you are fulfilling your potential, there will always be the feeling that you were destined for more - and possibly guilt if you don’t achieve it, or don’t start working towards it. This can spur on more than just unsettled feelings - it can eventuate in bad lifestyle choices and even illness in the body.

The way the world is moving is towards a consultancy-based model of working, with numerous income streams. Your full-time job is not necessarily secure – and sticking just with that as your only end goal could also appear quite risky.

Think about what would happen if you DON’T pursue your side business – where do you see your life in five years? I know that everyone asks that when you’re going for a new job or whatever – but seriously. Where do you see your life in five years? Not just career-wise, but also your lifestyle, friends, family, home, surroundings? What do YOU look like as a person?

Know that wherever you are, wherever you’re at, whatever age you are or situation in life, there are so many opportunities to start your side project with very little upfront investment and just a few hours per week. (A few less hours of Netflix per week, anyone?). This is one of the most exciting times and there is absolutely nothing more fulfilling than creating something from scratch.

If you feel called to create a business, NOW is the best time to start.

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