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With the divine Julie Parker, founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, at the Sydney Inspiration Day in 2015 where I was incredibly excited to graduate as a life coach and receive my Certificate of Completion before becoming a Certified Coach the following year


Of being surrounded by a community of like-minded, incredible women who light you up, support you and cheer on your success?

Of supporting others in a flourishing business where you get to be of service in the world, creating positive change using your own unique talents?

Of turning your knowledge, talent, skills, experience and interests into a thriving business where you can truly create positive change in others’ lives – as well as your own?

THIS is what I get to do every single day because I took the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA) life coaching course and became a Certified Coach. The course literally changed my life and it can do the same for you! I am now a proud affiliate - scroll down to the end of this page below to find out details about a free bonus to work 1:1 with me if you decide to join the course.

The BYCA course is held each February, May and October. The October 2019 course is fully sold out and the February 2020 course is already 80% full - so make sure you get in touch soon to find out more and secure your spot!
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Settling in for the Sydney Inspiration Day in 2015 with other Beautiful You Coaching Academy graduates - they are such a gorgeous group of women. What a community!

I have steadily grown my coaching business on the side of my corporate role and am excited to now be full time in my business, helping my clients pivot their careers into businesses that create positive change in the world or vertical careers that they feel passionate and purposeful about.

This is no ordinary course. As well as being an approved education provider of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the BYCA life coaching course will change your life for the better – just as it changed mine.

Regardless of whether you choose to dive into coaching as your new profession, the BYCA course will provide one of the most valuable skills that you could ever experience personally or professionally: the ability to coach yourself to achieve your full potential.

Since doing the BYCA course, I have gone from strength to strength in my life and career, and now in my business – first in the corporate space, building my income, speaking on multiple stages at conferences, winning an industry award, being promoted multiple times, and successfully transitioning full-time into my own business this year. I credit these achievements, including having the level of direction, strength and self-confidence required, primarily to having the ability to coach myself and others as a result of the BYCA program (and support of the BYCA community!).


Taking time out at the stunning QT, Gold Coast to holiday and catch up on my Beautiful You Coaching Academy readings… The learning felt like leisure time rather than work. It was so much fun!

An incredible community

In addition to the practicalities of the six-month course – which is an intensive learning experience that teaches students how to become heart-centred life coaches and build a thriving business – the community is full of the most supportive women I’ve ever encountered.

There is no sense of competition with other coaches – rather, we all understand that there are plenty of clients to go around and we lift each other up and support one another.

I have made some of the best friends and most supportive network of my life in the BYCA course – as well as being connected with incredible coaches that I’ve worked with and clients who have found me through my coaching certification with BYCA.

So much more…

BYCA supports life coaches with the skills to help themselves and their clients find clarity and kick goals in areas including relationships, career, creativity, health, finances and so much more.

The course provides practical business-building skills including marketing, public speaking and authentic client attraction.

What sets the BYCA life-coaching course apart…

• The incredible community of supportive, like-minded women globally and across Australia which you will become an integral part of!

• The heart-centred approach to doing business and supporting clients

• Specific business building tools, templates and practices to give you a head start in setting up a thriving coaching practice

• Ongoing support and training with live certified coach calls from industry experts. Once you’re a part of the BYCA community, you’re in it forever!

• Awards ceremonies for BYCA students and graduates (including the opportunity for you to put yourself forward for numerous coaching awards)

• Training and support around business-building topics such as authentic marketing and sales, public speaking, and developing your niche

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can find out more about the course here.

ENTER MY NAME in the ‘code’ field WHEN JOINING THE BYCA COURSE TO RECEIVE a free bonus to work with me 1:1!

I am a proud affiliate of the BYCA life coaching course. If you enter my name, Bec Sands, in the ‘CODE’ field at check out you will receive as a FREE bonus:

4 x 1:1, MONTHLY 60-minute coaching sessions with me - valued at $1,650

Follow the four steps below to sign up to the BYCA coaching course and receive your free bonus to work with me!

  1. Learn all about the course, including pricing, content and course dates, here.

  2. Book in a free 20-minute call with me here to discuss the program and my bonus, and I can answer any questions you have about the course or working with me!

  3. Sign up to join the next available course here. (Note that October 2019 is sold out and the next available course start date, February 2020, is already 80% sold out, so if this is of interest to you make sure you get in touch soon to guarantee your spot).

  4. Make sure you type my name, Bec Sands, in the ‘CODE’ field to receive your free bonus to work with me 1:1! I’ve included a screen shot below, and feel free to email me if you have any questions at all. I can’t wait to connect with you!

Note that I am a BYCA Certified Coach, so by working with me you can receive accreditation towards your own certification. You can find out what’s involved in becoming a Certified Coach, including the many benefits, right here. Note that certification requires a six-session coaching series with a fully certified coach. If you choose to pursue a coaching certification by working with me, the additional two coaching sessions required for certification will be invoiced at a total of $770 including GST.

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